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  • Unshakable Confidence
  • Easy Sales Conversations
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Confidence Coach Calgary

Confidence Coach Calgary Canada

Women in mission-inspired, impact-based businesses often struggle with balancing success while having a joy-filled family life. 

Supporting women entrepreneurs seeking to flourish.

Shift from Solopreneur to CEO and have more confident conversations - to lead their team, expand their business & grow with more sales - developing:

 Unshakable Confidence
 Authentic BOLD Language
 Easy Sales Conversations
 Conscious, Confident Leadership
 Life/Work Balance Mastery

The results? Business growth - creating a flourishing business, leading an empowered team - enabling more beach time for you and your family!

Confidence Coach Calgary Worldwide

Hello, I'm Yvonne E.L. Silver.

"I change lives - by teaching ambitious, visionary women to

have more confident conversations and flourish in business."


Did you know that...

Women Founders received only 2.3% of $130 billion in venture capital funding in 2020 (Harvard Business Review).

Professional women are often still not equally paid (earning $0.87 for each $1.00 men made in 2020) and frequently passed over for promotions. Talented, top-notch women need more Confident Conversations strategies and skills.

Heart-centered women are frequently unclear about their value, are uncomfortable leading others or asking for a sale...

How Can I help You?


Using a powerful self-discovery process incorporating visioning, your values and goals with cool technology, we crystallize your Confidence Growth Plan.  I leverage over 30 years of business success as a skilled Guide on your journey - to increase your confidence as you clearly share your vision.

Together we explore three phases:

VISUALIZE – Clarify and Communicate
 MONETIZE –Leverage Revenue and Earnings
OPTIMIZE – Leadership with Balance

So that you can:

Move from Uncertainty to life-changing Clarity.
From Imposter Syndrome to Unshakeable Confidence.
Shift Doubting to earning what you are Worth.
Elevate your business Success from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Who Am I?



Certified Executive Coach

Hi – I’m Yvonne E.L. Silver, Founder of Women & Wisdom Media
– a Confidence Catalyst who is changing women’s lives!

As a Speaker, Author and Executive Coach, I leverage over 30+ years of business success to help my Clients see their value, share their vision and monetize their wisdom.

Growing up in England with a father who returned from World War 2 with PTSD, I watched him drain the dignity out of my Mum, until she became a fragile shell of the professional woman she once was - she lost her voice and her power. After suffering from his abuse too, I swore I would help women to stand up, be heard and use powerful language to succeed in life and business.

Now I am a Women's professional Coach & Mentor, the bestselling author of “Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” and a radio show host, with both entrepreneur and senior corporate experiences, helping my Clients clarify their message, speak up and be heard.

Your Words Matter!


For the past 10 years, I have taught ambitious mission-inspired women entrepreneurs and leaders, who want to Flourish in business.  By tapping into their words I help them fast-track their success with a crystal clear offer, develop sales mastery and ease - creating more sustainability,
family joy and beach time!



Lead with Purpose Conference
One Woman - Fearless Summit
BPW National Conference
CIWA - Canadian Immigrant Women
Brilliant Women Retreat
WomenTalk - 4 locations...



For women who want to elevate their voice. To re-discover their inner confidence, take a stand for themselves in life and business, by using powerful language - in modern ways.


Yvonne designs and facilitates custom Mentorship Programs for a variety of organizations, as well as Chairing women's Group Programs



Keynotes, 45-minute talks, 20-minute talks, 1-day workshops, 1/2-day workshops, 2-hour workshops, expert panel insights, facilitation, coaching, custom mentorship program design and hosting, leadership assessments, emotional intelligence, women’s resource centre consulting - sharing insights and creating cultures where women flourish!


From July, 2018 to present:

bi-weekly show on BBS radio, i-tunes, i-heart: /wordswomenandwisdomshow

(LIVE bi-weekly on Tuesdays at noon MST)

Mentoring for women

RESULTS: Successful women entrepreneurs balance more family time.